Dead Sea Bath – Clean and Fresh

Are you aware that for the sake of health you need to take a bath every day? Taking a bath using Dead Sea Salt bath is better. These are no ordinary Dead Sea bath salts because you derive more than a dozen Dead Sea minerals and nutrients out of it. There may be days when you feel so too tired to get up from bed and avoid your usual daily ritual of taking a bath. Bathing is not just to make you feel fresh and smell good. This helps to keep you fit and healthy.

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt Bath

• Goes Beyond Ordinary Bathing. Since Dead Sea bath salts is special and has more nutrients than the average salt you get better results

• Reduce Muscle Tension. Soak into these Dead Sea bath salts and experience the tension going out of your body. You might not know this but, a simple hot bath will reduce the number of trips to the physiotherapist. Bathing reduces tension on overstretched muscles. It helps to heal sore muscles by relaxing these. This will improve the elasticity of your muscles especially when you bathe after exercising. This can get rid of post workout muscle soreness

• Reduces worries. A study conducted in Japan shows how taking a 60 minute bath can reduce stress levels by reducing cortisol and chromogranin. This is just some of the Dead Sea salt bath benefits and there are still more

• Improves blood circulation. The Dead Sea minerals can nourish damage cells. Immerse yourself in a tub filled with Dead Sea bath salts. Do this from 20 to 30 minutes at least three times a week. Your blood pressure will go down as your heart becomes healthy

• Boosts your immune system. Taking Dead Sea salt bath can benefit you a lot. Studies show that taking a cold shower can stimulate both your vascular and lymph system because your body can produce immune cells that can fight infections. This can decrease your chances of falling sick

• Treats depression. If you have a personality that feels depressive most of the time. Studies show that exposure for cold water results in activation of the nervous systems. Bathing can increase beta endorphin and noradrenaline in your blood. This will reduce depression. A cold shower acts in your brain that also causes you to feel uplifted

• Improves reproductive health in men. Men who take cold showers actually produce more testosterone which regulates the production of sperm cell and a lot of body process. You might not be aware of this but, taking a hot bath actually decreases sperm count since the testes is expose to high temperature. You need not worry too much about this. You just have to take less hot bath and take more cold showers from now on. Later on your sperm count will normalize and testosterone production will go back to normal levels

• Removes toxins. No matter how much deodorant you put on you can never remove the stink without bathing. This is especially true if you sweat a lot. This is why you need to take Dead Sea salt bath. Sweating removes the toxins out of your body. With daily bath your odor will be reduce gently. In this case you need warm water bath because it drains out the toxins. Bathing will also kill bacteria and viruses as well. This will also reduce the number of infections

• Encourages sleep. Bathing before you go to sleep is said to help you sleep faster. This can also improve the quality of your sleep. Some people who are suffering from insomnia has found their cure with the help of Dead Sea salt bath

• Improves lung function. Every mug of cold water that you use to take a bath will automatically produce a reflex action. This will force you to breath deeper by drawing air in a quick pause. This is followed with a deep exhalation. This process opens up your lungs and makes you capture oxygen

• Look Beautiful. Bathing in warm or cold water is the most natural cleansing process. It opens your skin pores, removes toxins and leaves your skin looking fresh and clean. Bathing with Dead Sea salt bath can reduce the signs of aging

• Cheaper Alternative. Bathing is free and bath salts are extremely affordable. It is like treating yourself to be royalty even for just a few minutes. This is an inexpensive spa trip in your own home

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Your skin will thank you because it allows you to open up pores from the inside out. This will leave your skin soft and supple. Bathing will lift out harmful toxins that will keep your skin fresh and clean. Bathing frees you from stress. As soon as the water hits your body it reacts. Blood pressure will go down and you got a respite from your hectic routine. Your body will wander leaving all the stress behind. Bathing will also leave you smelling good and looking fabulous. This will be true if you add scented essential oils in your bathing regimen. To be honest, most sea salt products will leave behind a salty scent. This is far from the scent that you may be accustomed to. It does not smell bad however; it does not smell like perfume though. Your muscles will be limber. If before taking a bath your muscles feel tight and tense afterwards it will loosen up. Bathing will take away the aches and pains from sore muscles. Bathing allows you to have your quality time alone. This is a restful solitude that you will like. You got the chance to close the door to the cares of the outside world to disappear in your own little place where there are no worries. You can even take a bath with your special someone. It will be a sensual experience to bath with your special someone. You will also look younger. Bathing salts can reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus using these bathing salts can remove the signs of aging.

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