Dead Sea Facts – Things You Need to Know

The Dead Sea is a wonder of nature. However, not a lot of people know some of the Dead Sea facts. This sea is also known as Salt Sea because of its high salty content. It is not actually a sea but, a lake. There are a lot of interesting Dead Sea facts that you will know as you read this article. This sea is one of the most intriguing and interesting lakes in the world. Almost as famous as this lake are the images of tourists slathering their bodies with mud. People are already aware of the different Dead Sea minerals that are beneficial for the skin and body. The deposits of Dead Sea salt and mud come from the seabed. Since this lake has no outlet. This gives visitors an opportunity for a free spa treatment. There are a lot of hotels that were built to stay at when in Israel that offers rejuvenating spa services that includes Dead Sea salt. Because of its salty contents you float in this water even without trying to do so. The climate around this lake made it a good source for Dead Sea minerals. These minerals are unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Good to Know Dead Sea Facts

• Dead Sea is the world’s deepest salt water lake which is 1,004 feet or 306 meters deep. Measuring the depth of this lake you will realize how deep it is

• This is the second most salty lake in the world where the first saltiest lake is located in Antarctica. One uncommon Dead Sea facts is that you will float because of its salty content. According to scientist, this is way saltier than oceans which explains why it has higher concentrations of Dead Sea minerals

• No life form thrives on it. This is again due to its extremely high saline content. However, during certain seasons like when it is rainy the salinity decreases to allow certain bacteria to inhabit it

• The previous Dead Sea facts have stated that this lake cannot support life however, it has health and skin treatment properties. Since the pollen content of these waters are extremely low it is free from allergens. This lake is rich with Dead Sea minerals

• This lake has a unique phenomenon where it spits out asphalt. This was a material use in making Egyptian mummies in the ancient days. It was dubbed by the Greeks as Lake Asphaltites

• Another uncommon Dead Sea facts states that the crust of this lake was form from a rift. Therefore its surface sinks every year. There may be a time when you can no longer take a bath because it is that deep. Some tourists are booking their tickets to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bath even just once on this lake before it grows that deep

• Doctors even prescribe a visit to this sea for their patients because of its healing properties. There must be something special about this lake that even doctors recognize its healing powers. If you are suffering from respiratory disorders or joint problems like arthritis this would be a good place to take a bath or just simple soak in its healing waters. By the way the low UV rays from the sun and bromide in air also contributes on producing an environment conducive to healing

• The mud from this lake is good for your skin and body. It is high in magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. There are actually 21 minerals found on this lake that will benefit you

• This is the largest free spa on earth

• Sea salt coming from the Dead Sea contains fluoride which promotes dental health. Now is your chance to protect your teeth from acidic damage like the development of caries and cavities. You can rinse and gargle from the tepid sea salt to relieve even mouth sores. Painful sore throat will find relief on these waters as well

• The Dead Sea scrolls were found hidden in a cave near this lake. You will notice that some tours on this part of Israel includes where these scrolls were found

• Gentle healer and cleanser. The healing properties of these waters are explained again and again. These waters are a majestic gift not just for your skin alone. With regular use you will enjoy the wonderful results: better looking skin and health conditions improve. Using the salt from this sea can actually prevent aging. It is like finding your fountain of youth. You will notice that the products from this lake soothes and comforts your skin gently. You will not get that harsh chemical peels from any of the products from this source

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Benefit By Using Dead Sea Products

People are continually drawn to the Dead Sea. Learning more about Dead Sea facts will further increase everybody’s interest on how to benefit from using products from this lake. It is after all a natural source of treatment that does not need add-ons. You won’t believe the number of products that comes out for those who cannot visit this lake. If you belong to the list of people who want to use the products instead you are not alone in recognizing a gem when you see one. One of the secrets revealed might have to do with regaining lost youth. When you age your skin does not produce the minerals that it once have. You must draw source from an external supply and these Dead Sea products can give you this. Minerals from this lake will protect you and strengthen your cell membranes against dehydration and other forms of environmental hazards. From the products that you use you will get the all-natural spa like treatment that your skin will love and so will you. You might not notice this but, in using these products your dead skin is flush out from your body. You will love the new skin revealed because of using the minerals from these products. You will love your healthy and silky smooth skin. It is like receiving an expensive beauty overhaul without spending that large amount of cash.

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