Dead Sea Lotion – Hydrate Moisturizer Lotion

Just as you cannot go out of the house without a sunscreen Dead Sea lotion in summer, a jar of these Dead Sea products can be indispensable. You would not want to look like you have a bad tan or have suffer some form of skin pigmentation. Both of these conditions can make you cover your skin or wear clothes that covers it. If you love scents you can look for Dead Sea lotion that is infused with essential oils like vanilla or lavender. If it is summer it would be nice to purchase Dead Sea products like this that contains orange scent. It produces a sweet citrus scent that cools your dry irritated skin while you enjoy the smell of this fruity scent.

Because of its luxurious and moisturizing effect Dead Sea lotion has become a staple product if you do not like dry skin. Since Dead Sea products contains sea salt prepare to enjoy its exfoliating effects. This is the process where you need to bear the temporary exfoliation to reveal smoother skin. It is so gentle that you will not feel any irritation. It feels similar to using organic scrubs. You can simply rinse off the dead skin cells. These are some of the Dead Sea salt benefits that you get to experience once you use Dead Sea products.

Dead Sea Hand Cream

After bathing or showering, lather your skin with Dead Sea lotion. Apply it generously in your body especially on dry spots. Feel the velvety smoothness of your skin as you smell the delicious fragrance that comes with it. Dry skin will absorb this oil quickly and will not leave behind any oily or sticky feel. In case you choose not to purchase Dead Sea lotion that has fragrance you can still choose the original scent however, you need to bear with the scent of mud of the good kind.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

For your hands apply this lotion regularly because it will protect your hands from the different elements of the weather. Massage the lotion all over your hands and wrists. Do not forget to include your nails and cuticle. This will soften hard dry skin. Your husband or special someone will love holding hands with you after the Dead Sea lotion has worked its magic. Don’t forget to use this lotion in your legs and feet as well. Massage it all over and include your ankles and toes.

Since Dead Sea lotion is non-oily you can pamper your skin all over. Are you glad that you are using this lotion? Imagine all of the Dead Sea salt benefits that you will receive if you use this product. No wonder this is a simple treatment that you can enjoy even without spending a lot of money. You can simply do this at home at your most convenient time. Nourish and care for your body by using this lotion. It also has detoxifying effects which means your skin will flush out dead skin cells as it is replace with smoother skin. What can be a better deal than this?