Dead Sea Minerals – Deep Cleansing

If you are lucky enough to travel to the Dead Sea you will experience first-hand the ancient Dead Sea minerals in your skin. You will enjoy spending a day floating in this sea under the hot sun and weather. You will get greater pleasure applying the Dead Sea mud in your entire body. Doing all of these according to those who have been there will definitely uplift your spirits. This also shows that dipping into the waters will give you more than deep cleansing. The Dead Sea mud comes from the sea bottom. Because of having no outlet this process produces Dead Sea minerals to benefit you. Suffice to say that Dead Sea salt and mud both has unique properties that you will enjoy. Some of the best descriptions regarding their experiences of using these products state that they feel revitalize. Being expose to an environment that is not as invigorating as this one will make you miss dipping in this sea. Just to avoid confusion this salt water lake is known as sea and is a good source of Dead Sea salt. Are you glad that you were able to discover the long kept secret even of such famous Queens Sheba and Cleopatra?

What Does Dead Sea Minerals Have

• Aluminum Oxide. This is what you find in cosmetics because of its ability to avoid anti-caking. This helps to exfoliate the skin as well

• Boron. This relieves symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

• Bromine. Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics bromine calms and relaxes your muscles and nerves

• Bitumen. This is a natural tar that contains anti-inflammatory properties

• Calcium. This mineral is the building block that takes care of corrective tissue under the skin surface. Using this normalizes skin cells. It also helps to regulate cell membrane permeability

• Chlorine. This is one of the Dead Sea minerals known for being a natural skin whitener. If you like to have whiter skin, think Dead Sea minerals. This maintains the pH balance in your body

• Ferric Oxide. The cosmetic industry uses this mineral because of its non-toxic abilities. It makes makeup water repellant

• Iodine. This improves the function of the thyroid glands. This is a sterilizing agent for the body. Have you wonder why it purifies water? This boosts your metabolism and prevents goiter. If you have problems with these medical conditions you will realize by now why using these products from the Dead Sea can improve your health

• Lithium. This assist bath salt treatment for psoriasis

• Manganese. This has powerful anti-oxidants. This mineral is responsible on keeping your skin young looking. This protects the connective tissues

• Magnesium. This is one of the Dead Sea minerals that your skin needs to regenerate tissue and cells. This mineral will protect your skin from allergies. You might not see this but, magnesium improves cell metabolism. This also increases your energy levels

• Phosphorus pentoxide. This dries up skin allergies and similar skin issues. Pharmaceutical products are made using this mineral

• Potassium. This helps to regulate moisture in your skin in other words your skin remains hydrated. This encourages growth on muscle tissues

• Silicon Dioxide. This protects you from aging. This is even added to vitamins. This is used for skin care and cosmetics. This is even added to processed foods to keep them fresh and appetizing, In this case you get this mineral from another source other than food and it is naturally source

• Sodium. This provides enough fluids to your lymph system to boost your immune system. This is a vital nutrient that your body needs to function

• Strontium. This protects your skin from itching. This reduces the signs of irritant contact dermatitis because as you might have notice products from the Dead Sea are made of organic materials

• Sulfur. This is one of the Dead Sea minerals that is known for its therapeutic qualities. Sulfur also contains essential vitamins. It is a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial agent. This is why sulfur is used to treat pimples and acne. Sulfur is also a cure for Psoriasis and Eczema

• Titanium Oxide. This is naturally source from Dead Sea minerals. This is safe to use for foods and drugs

• Zinc. This regulates cell growth. Stimulates both collagen and elastin. As a result your skin will look younger and smoother. This also helps to regulate the oiliness of your skin

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

The Importance Of Dead Sea Minerals For Your Skin

The importance of Dead Sea minerals cannot be ignored. These minerals are needed to help your skin cells renew. These minerals help the cell to communicate at the intercellular level. This helps to nourish the skin layers because it encourages water retention where it is needed while the rest is flushed out of your body. As a result your skin will not suffer from dehydration. You will benefit from its capability of healing rheumatoid arthritis. There will be less pain and aches. These minerals are absorbed by the skin and inflammation is reduced to manageable levels. There will be les allergic effects and reactions since your skin is cleanse even in the deeper levels. Even your pets can also benefit from using the minerals from the Dead Sea. Now you can both share a beauty secret. With the use of these few choice minerals your pets will remain healthy: sodium, magnesium, bromide, potassium, calcium and chloride.

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High concentrations of minerals can be found in Dead Sea salt. It is a fact that you skin needs minerals to function well. Your skin needs enough moisture to thrive. When your skin lacks moisture balance is thrown out of whack. You will notice flaky and dry skin. You will also notice more skin breakouts. The unique thing about Dead Sea salt is that it contains minerals in very high concentration. You cannot find such a large amount of naturally source minerals in this planet than in this lake. Why do you want to benefit from Dead Sea minerals? This is because the minerals from the Dead Sea act as catalyst in the metabolic process of renewing your skin. Simply put, dipping in these products from the sea will allow fluid out of your skin. This will remove the waste from your body.