Dead Sea Products – Deep Cleansing Skin Home Remedies

The inspiration for creating Dead Sea products begun when a spa technician got the idea of marketing mud from this sea after he watched women slathering their bodies with it. The first ones to purchase are tourist that want to recapture their Dead Sea experience thus begun the journey to produce and market Dead Sea products. It all started from mud and has evolved into selling Dead Sea cosmetics. The public was ready to receive their Dead Sea spa treatment at home wherever they may be in the world. The need to relax while receiving beauty treatment gave the idea that there are more Dead Sea products waiting to be discovered. Dermatologists believe that Dead Sea cosmetics are beneficial for those who used it as compared to other cosmetic products made from other sources. Some of the batches of these cosmetics were tested on cancer patients whose skin suffered from dermatitis or mucositis while they are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The result show that there was an improvement on their skin condition however, further tests needs to confirm these but, the results are promising. This clearly shows that this sea is not just a good source of Dead Sea spa alone but, a source of healing.

Those who take a bath using salts from this sea discovered that the itchiness of their skin disappeared. These are for those who are suffering from such skin condition like psoriasis. It was not just skin conditions that has receive successful result but, patients who are suffering from such respiratory disorders like rhinosinusitis who exhibited better relief when they use the Dead Sea products for nasal irrigation. The results again were better than those coming from standard hypertonic saline nasal spray. Other products like the mud pack treatment which was used for spa was discovered to relieve pain cause by arthritis. It seems that the more people used Dead Sea products the more they discover more uses for these. It was the lack of scientific basis for these results that has built a barrier for the scientific community to accept the results. Another thing to consider is the lowering levels of the Dead Sea due to a large number of water piping made by hotels within the vicinity of this sea. There is eventually a growing concern not just for environmentalist alone. However, it was also discovered that time and elements of the weather have contributed on creating a deeper chasm. This resulted to another major concern that there may come a time when the sea is that deep that people can no longer take a bath in it.

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Dead Sea Products That You Will Benefit From

• Dead Sea cosmetics. The list of Dead Sea products for beautification purposes is growing long because of the continued research in tapping this organic source. It is the goal of those who produce cosmetics to create powerful effect on your skin so that you will look radiant and young looking. Most of the cosmetics sold aim towards regenerating your skin to reach its full potential. These are anti-aging cosmetics for the face, lips, eyes and hair in the form of cream, lotions and a lot more

• Aromatherapy Scrub. There are a lot of benefits of using one of the Dead Sea products like an anti-aging effect. This will be noticeable later on as you continue to use these products. These can improve blood circulation, relief certain skin problems like eczema and psoriasis

• Home Pampering Sets. This set contains complete treatment for the entire body. It would feel like having a spa at home without the pressure for time and spending a lot. Sets like these will last several uses. If you add up the expense of visiting the spa for different services it would show that you save a lot of money if you buy home pampering sets instead. You can even share this with others like friends or family members

• Nail Care. This is a much needed cure for your nail troubles and not just ordinary cleansing. Your nails will benefit from the natural chemical free products made from the sea. Most packages like these include nail file, buffing block, body lotion and cuticle oil. Imagine getting all of the goodness from nature. You can simply do manicure and pedicure. In case you got issues with broken nails you can simply use the buffer and oil to cure this condition. You can massage your nail cuticle and its surrounding skin using the oil. This treatment must be used at least once a year

• Baby Products. These are products safe to use on your babies. It was formulated to be that gentle because the manufacturers understand that babies skin are different from adults hence being sensitive is part of the equation

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Other Dead Sea Products

There is actually more products from the Dead Sea aside from Dead Sea cosmetics. If you need further convincing on why the use of Dead Sea products are better read on. Dead Sea is acclaimed for its ability to offer a unique form of therapy. Your circulatory system will benefit from it. This will relax your nerves to make you feel calm. Isn’t this the goal of spa services? You will also get the same effect only it would be safe for your health because of using natural products from nature. Imagine getting the same treatment as famous beautiful people like Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba. When you apply mud on your skin this will improve and stimulate blood circulation especially in areas that needs ordinary treatment. You will find relief for your joints because of its thermopexic properties. If you have dry aging skin the sodium ions that are present on these products will remove dead skin cells without damaging your skin. This will actually leave your skin feeling soft and young looking. You will be surprise on how your skin will appear because of using these products. It is also easy to follow the instructions on using these products. It is actually incorporating a better option into your standard beauty regimen.