The Dead Sea – Beauty Secrets

There are many things about the Dead Sea that you may not know it is also known as Sea Salt because it is actually a hypersaline lake that is part of Earth’s unique places. One of the products from the Dead Sea is Dead Sea salt. The Dead Sea has minerals that are good for your skin. You can use Dead Sea mud as beauty mask for starters. If you have oily skin this is the perfect solution to control the excessive sebum. What attracts buyers on using Dead Sea mud is its anti-aging properties. Products made from Dead Sea salt will help your damage skin to recover. These are made from naturally sourced materials; a gift from nature. The Dead Sea is bordered by these countries: Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Since it is the world’s saltiest bodies of water there is no known living organism that lives on it hence the name given to it as the Dead Sea. Even during ancient times, the site where this sea stands is the world’s first health resorts for Herod the Great. Dead Sea salt is use for cosmetics and herbal purpose. While other products like potash are used as fertilizers. Since this sea has a density of only 1.24 kg/litre, you will float if you try to swim. Although there are small perennial springs under this sea, there are no outlet streams. All the elements contribute on making the atmosphere at this sea known for its health effects. There are different health and skin conditions that can be treated using Dead Sea salt.

Israel has a sunny weather all throughout the year. This can create havoc on the skin whether these are on the face or feet. Think of any skin that is exposed to the sun and you will know what needs treatment. It is not a surprise to find out that most of the problem with too much sun exposure would be about dry skin and lack of moisture. No wonder the cosmetic industry has realized that these sea minerals are a gold mine. Most of these products do penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. When you use mud mask you will notice the effects of using products from this sea because it looks supple and moist. Products do not need a large amount of water so that you can use it to exfoliate your skin. When the dead skin cells disappear this leaves your skin smooth. Here is a trivia, Cleopatra even bath in this sea and made it her beauty secret. When she went back home she carried loads of salt and mud with her to use.

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Health Treatment Dead Sea Style

• World’s Finest Skin Care. Since ancient times the properties from this sea has been referred to as endowed with healing properties. Minerals found on this sea contains 300% more magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and bromide

• Relief for Skin Disorders like Psoriasis. Having an overactive immune system causes this skin condition. Skin cells produce new skin cells faster than normal. The result: old dead skin cells pile on top of each other. Sunbathing on this sea for long periods of time can be a therapy for this condition. There are still other skin disorders that found relief with the use of sea salt

• Osteoarthritis. Exercise might help those who suffer from this condition however; using Dead Sea mud therapy relieves pain in patients particularly on the knee area. Dead Sea mud compress helps to augment treatment on joints for those who suffer from this condition

• Rhino sinusitis and other respiratory conditions. This is basically an allergic reaction of your sinus to allergens. Patients use saline nasal irrigation from this sea and has experienced relief from this allergic reaction as compared to those who are using the standard saline spray

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Fun Facts about the Dead Sea

• It is not a sea but, a saltwater lake
• There is no marine life because of the high mineral and salt content of the waters
• It is more fun to sunbath than take a bath in this lake
• This is the world’s second saltiest body of water with a salt content of 33%
• Cleopatra love this lake so much that she ordered cosmetic factories and resort spa built near this lake
• You can lay on the surface of the water and you will float whether you try it or not. This is because of the high salt content that makes those who swim on it buoyant
• This lake has no outlet which means water will not flow out of it
• Dead Sea salt here is too salty than the average table salt
• The waters contains minerals that normally are present on our body
• Egyptians use Dead Sea mud to mummify their dead
• Scrolls were discovered here that contains ancient writings of the Essenes
• It is three million years old
• Skin disorders like acne, hives, cellulite, dandruff and even muscle aches can be treated using the waters from this lake

Dead Sea Skincare Treasures

Because the treasure from this sea is recognized as such it is a protected resource. There are a few brands that are allowed to harvest from this sea. This also means that elements from the sea must be harvested the right way in order to leave the sea untouched. This will ensure that future generations can still enjoy these wonderful benefits from this sea. Research scientists develop and devise ways of manufacturing beauty and health products that users will cherish for the rest of their lives. People who have the chance to use products from the Dead Sea are satisfied with the results. It does not go more natural than this because you can simply see where the manufacturers get their raw products from. Consumers who used skin products show glowing and youthful looking skin thanks to the use of naturally source materials and science. Look for the top ten lists of the best beauty products from the Dead Sea and see the difference. It will not be a surprise with what researchers can come up next in terms of new products from this lake.