What is the Dead Sea – Up Close and Personal

Are you curious to know what is the Dead Sea but, find it hard to ask anybody for fear of looking ignorant? The Dead Sea is located in Israel and since it has no outlet there are salty formations on the bank of the Dead Sea. This has Dead Sea minerals counting to more than 21. Who knows there might be more to discover in the future. For now, more than a dozen essential minerals is impressive enough. Some say that visiting this very salty lake because it is actually a lake is compared to visiting another planet.

You can grab a couple of eggs, glasses, salt and water. No, it’s not for breakfast. This will demonstrate why people float in this lake. You don’t have to know magic because it can be explained scientifically speaking. What is the Dead Sea and why is it named as such. There are a lot of questions why this lake was named a Dead Sea and the simplest explanation would be that it has no outlet. This is a dead end because it is landlocked and since it’s a large body of water it was given the name the Dead Sea.

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There is about 35% of salt in the Dead Sea. This is way more salty than the average 2% to 3% saline content in other oceans or seas of the world. Even most salty lakes does not have this much salt. Because of this quality, Dead Sea minerals bring a lot of benefits to those who use it. By the way, as you go deeper the saltier it gets. However, most of the time you will float rather than submerge into this sea. What is the Dead Sea? One of the surprising phenomenon that still manages to baffle anybody who ever hear about it.

Dead Sea Soap

It is salty because the Dead Sea acts like a basin that catches all the waters without allowing it to escape. There are no fishes or plants that live on this sea because of its too salty content. If you are concern on whether you can survive even for a quick dip under such conditions, the answer is yes because humans are adaptable. After all you will not live these waters permanently. During the rainy season its water mixes and some bacteria lives on it. The area surrounding this lake is hot all throughout the year except for some minor rains.

If you still want to know what is the Dead Sea, it is one of Israel’s pride and joy because it benefits not just a their citizens but, other people of the world. Products that are made from this sea are used around the world. People are getting better and healthier thanks to its minerals. Not a lot of seas or lake can ever do this. This is uniquely Israel. For many years’ ripples in the surface of this lake hinted about something mysterious going on underneath the waters. It is man’s curiosity that made them discover that there is more than meets the eye with this lake.