Where is Dead Sea – Getting Familiar With the Dead Sea

With all of the different interesting news about the Dead Sea you are bound to ask where is the Dead Sea located. Its main tributary is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea in Hebrew is known as Yam H-Melah lit. For some who are still asking where is the Dead Sea, it was known as Sea of Zoar because of the nearby town where it is located during biblical times. There might be some Dead Sea facts that you are not aware of like the fact that this is not a sea but a lake and a very salty one. This salinity is what makes this sea inhabitable for plants and animals. This sea has attracted visitors locally and from around the globe.

Dead Sea Facts

• The Dead Sea is one of the world’s first health resort and spa
• From this salty lake comes these products which includes cosmetics, fertilizers, asphalt, potash and a lot more
• This salty lake has a density of 1.24 kg/litre which makes it hard to swim but, surprisingly easy to float. It is its saltiness that makes your bouyant
• The Jordan River is its main source of water, although there may be small perennial springs under and surrounding this salty lake
• If you are asking where is the Dead Sea and what is its origin, the hypotheses is that it lies in a true rift zone which is an extension of the Red Sea Rift. Other hypotheses states that a basin was formed because of having no outlet
• It is a landlocked lake
• This lake is blessed by year round warm weather however, it has weak ultraviolet radiation which means you can sunbath without fearing of burning your skin
• The air has slightly higher oxygen content whether it is summer and winter as compared to other locations
• In the late 70s, there were two layers of water that has different temperature however, because of the changing environment you will no longer witness this phenomenon
• It is amazing how the exact mineral composition of the Dead Sea varies depending on the season, depth and temperature. One thing remains constant and that is the salt concentration. This fluctuates with an average of 31.5%
• An unusual feature of this lake is that it discharges asphalt. It spits small pebbles and blocks of the black substance. As early as the Neolithic era, figurines and skulls with coat with bitumen were found in this location

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Actually there are other more interesting facts about this lake and if this makes you want to ask again “where is the Dead Sea”. It is in Israel where it has become the site for a popular research centre for therapies. Among the kinds of therapies from this sea includes climatotherapy where the treatment depends on the climate of this lake. Some other therapies tap into the biological effects of the sun while taking a bath in this lake. On to the topic of bathing, the salt from these waters has its healing properties. It is worth knowing more about the Dead Sea.

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